Jill's Halloween in L.A. - 2015 Edition

Halloween is fast approaching so make the most of it and get out there and have some fun! Here are my list of places to visit in L.A. this year.


Tapia Brothers Corn Maze

Still need to pick out a pumpkin? Great, go see Tapia Brothers. Already got your pumpkin? Great, go see them anyways because the corn maze here is amazing.

Bring your A game because you are going to get lost in over an acre of maze. To guide you; you will receive a map and a sheet full of trivia questions. Search the maze for the answers and once you solve the maze you can enter your answers in a drawing for a chance to win $100. While you are there check out the farmers’ market, roasted corn stand, kids play area, bounce houses, wagon hay ride, tractor-pulled train and pony rides. 

Address: 5251 Hayvenhurst Avenue, Van Nuys (Yes, I know it's a bit North, but if you want a quality corn maze you are going to need to venture out a bit.)


Creep - Haunted House

If you are the type who loves a haunted house then I suggest Creep in downtown LA. It is in an abandoned warehouse in the Arts District. The horror house is based on a quote by the writer Walter Jon Williams. “I’m not afraid of werewolves or vampires or haunted hotels. I’m afraid of what real human beings do to other real human beings.” Oooh! That’s chilling! This is an immersive and interactive haunted house so be ready for anything, be expected to walk, run, crawl and hide in dark rooms

Address: 718 E. JACKSON ST. LOS ANGELES, CA 90012



Halloween Movie Night

What’s better than watching Beetlejuice on Halloween? I will tell you, watching Beetlejuice on Halloween with a bunch of other fun people on a roof top on Hollywood Blvd! 

This is no ordinary outdoor movie this is the Rooftop Film Club. It is snazzy, comfortable and you can buy snacks and alcohol. You will sit on top of the Montálban Theatre on Vine with a beautiful city view. You don't need to bring anything. Rooftop Film Club sets up rows of lawn chairs on the roof and blankets are available for a cozy experience. You will also get a set of headphones so you so you can still hear the movie very well. They basically thought of everything. You live in LA and it’s 2015 it’s time to check out an evolved movie going experience. Beetlejuice! (3 times the charm).


Wanna get waaaayyy out there?

Here is airbnb’s list of haunted digs that you can rent for the Halloween season. I think it’s fun just to see the crazy places you can go. These are spread all over the world so please tell me if you actually go to one. 200 adventure points will be awarded to you.



Have fun and stay safe!