Mid-Century Modern Cat Houses

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Meet Tom Davies whom I had the pleasure to meet and discuss his fabulous feline houses. When Tom Davies of Davies Décor realized his cat needed its own place to hang out, he was unable to find an option he liked at pet stores or online. So, Davies took it upon himself to design a custom bed for his cat that was comfortable, practical, and stylish. Now, Davies Décor manufactures a variety of designed Mid-Century Modern Cat Houses. We sat down with Davies to learn more.


What inspired you to create these houses?

When we brought our cat home, we quickly realized that he loves to get into small spaces. Every time we came home from shopping we would leave the shopping bags and boxes on the floor for him to curl up in. Before long the house was a cluttered mess. 

I wanted the cat to have a place to chill out, but I also wanted it to be something more pleasing to the eye than a bag or box. So, I designed the Post and Beam Cat House, the Googie Cat Bed and the Oscar Cat Rest, comfy spots for the cat to chill out that are also uniquely designed modern pieces of furniture. 

The designs combine three big interests of mine: mid­century design/architecture, woodworking, and cats. 


What would be the dream cat architectural style that you would like to build? 

I get a lot of suggestions from people about what architectural style to base my next design on including Victorian, Craftsman, and Tudor. But I think it would be cool to try to make something resembling Frank Gehry's great design of Disney Hall in Downtown LA. 


Do you offer custom homes?

I am now moving into the world of designing custom cat furniture specifically designed to suit my clients' individual styles. 

Where can people find you next? 

As you know, I recently showed my products at CatConLA and the Hauspanther Style Lounge at the BlogPaws conference in Phoenix. My work will be featured in the upcoming Fall/Winter issue of Modern Cat magazine. 

What sets your cat homes apart?

Inspired by architectural styles popular in the mid­-Twentieth century, these beds are 100% handmade by me, the designer, and offer a level of craftsmanship you won't find in other cat enclosures. 


After meeting Tom and seeing his work I decided to partner with him. Now, when we stage your home for sale, if it strikes your fancy, you can have one of these posh and whimsical cat post & beam homes in your home. To me, it strikes just the right chord of fun while still maintaining a well-designed environment and I may even wear my cat ears! If you’re looking for a unique piece for your home to be enjoyed by your family and feline, check out Davies Décor


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Here is a video of Tom making his cat dream homes!

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