The Noted Architects of Los Feliz

Los Feliz is one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Los Angeles due to the stunning views, beautiful homes, and relative affordability. Scattered across these hills are architectural gems evoking the ‘Old Hollywood” built by architects such as Leland Bryant, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Paul Williams. On a related note, I have a pocket listing designed by architect Elmer Grey. This is a 4 bedroom Spanish built in 1926 with unbelievable views- it even has a chapel! I can show it after Labor Day, but please call with any questions. 


Wallace Neff

A.L._Schoenborn residence_wallace_neff.jpg

Wallace Neff is largely responsible for developing LA’s distinct architectural style referred to as “California style", featuring now common elements like Spanish tile, courtyards, and exposed wood. The A.L. Schoenborn residence, built  in 1924, before Neff was even 30, is one of his masterpieces (pictured above). His beautiful mansions can be found throughout Hancock Park, Beverly Hills, and Los Feliz- they have been owned by a range of the rich and famous from Brad Pitt and Diane Keaton to philanthropist Wallis Annenberg.

Frank Lloyd Wright

The infamous Frank Lloyd Wright needs no introduction. He left his mark throughout LA, and many of his stylistic homes are still intact including the Sturges House in Brentwood, the Freeman House in the Hollywood Hills, and the Ennis House in Los Feliz. The Ennis House is actually one of only four Mayan revival style houses in LA that is made up of 27,000 interlocking pre-cast concrete blocks. You might recognize it as Rick Deckard’s house in Blade Runner. 

Richard Neutra

Many modernist architects owe their inspiration to Richard Neutra. From the 1920s-1960s, Neutra designed dozens of homes, apartment buildings, and government buildings in the Los Angeles area alone. Sitting just across from the Ennis House is Neutra’s Alpha Wirin House, which features his signature Mid-century modern style. With sweeping views of the city, warm wood ceilings, balconies overlooking a pool, and a level of built-in seats, it’s a modernists dream.


Gregory Ain

Gregory Ain was known for bringing elements of modern architecture to lower priced housing, including a variety of homes in LA. After working for Neutra for a few years, he struck out on his own by building homes like the the Beckman Residence in Hancock Park and the Anselem A. Ernst House in Los Feliz. The latter, built in 1937, is a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument, and has original walls of glass, high ceilings, original cabinetry/built-ins, a dual-level fireplace, and incredible views!


R.M. Schindler

Like many other architects of the time, R.M. Schindler trained under Wright, even helping to supervise construction of the Hollyhock House. Schindler liked to experiment, and therefore, inevitably developed a unique and distinct modern style that was responsive to the local culture. His 1950s Schlessinger House is a prime example of his architectural style, and ended up being the last home he ever built.

I am an expert in these vintage homes and would be thrilled to take you on a tour!