5 great spots in Hancock Park

If Los Angeles is a big family then Hancock Park is Hollywood’s cool older cousin. So here are 5 of the spots that make Hancock Park great.

Larchmont Village Wine, Spirits & Cheese

This place should really just be called “Sandwich” because that is what is great here. Your first time? Go for the homemade tuna salad or the imported Italian Prosciutto and get there early for lunch because this place is no secret and it gets busy.



Beverly Cinema

When you live in LA you either are a movie buff or you will soon become one. This is where you go to get your education. Let’s call it a movie theatre for a refined palette. All movies are second run 35 mm or 16 mm and handpicked for there epic awesomeness. You can see double features, pulp classics and there are even kid friendly matinees. All the films shown here are from the private collection of one Hollywood’s most famous Director’s. Who? I will give you a hint, he likes Kung-fu, Spaghetti Westerns and his name rhymes with "Mint and Pear Burrito."



Mozza Osteria

Ok so you just finished watching a film with your date and now you want to really surprise them with some fancy fine dining. Take them to Mozza. Hopefully you only made it seem spur of the moment and actually made reservations or else you will be taking your food 2-go from their less romantic but equally awesome next door quick kitchen. Mozza is high end Italian.  In the center of the restaurant is a marble slab where chefs serve up small tapas style plates of mozzarella, ricotta and burrata mixed with all kinds of delicacies from honey and walnuts to caviar. But save room for the Duck Al Mattone with pear mustard so your tastebuds can dance the Tarantella on your tongue. The restaurant was created by celebrity chefs Mario Batali, Joe Bastianich and Nancy Silverton so you know you are in good hands.



Liberation Yoga

What makes this Yoga studio better than all of the others? The community. People actually remember your name here. The owners Christine and Gary are sweethearts and put a lot of effort into their teachers, the space and the students. There are all types of classes here from beginner to advanced, family, toddler, pre-natal, they even have a class for Parkinson’s patients.



Nick Metropolis Furniture

Hollywood is cheesy and one of a kind. Shouldn’t your house be the same way? Of course I love my Roche Bobois inspired living room but sometimes you need a conversation piece. Casually install the red phone booth from Dr. Who in your office, how about a real carousel horse in your daughters room, or a giant dinosaur in the backyard? If you have never thought of it, never needed it and maybe it was in a movie then you can find it at Nick Metropolis’.


There you have it. Now get out there and explore!