Aaroe Concierge

Part of my job as a real estate professional is to help my clients prepare their property for sale, or perhaps an emergency fix or a last minute inspection. For these reasons we rely heavily on the plumbers, contractors, HVAC specialists, roof repairmen and many more who consistently provide dependable, quality work. Therefore, in conjunction with my commitment to helping you in all phases of home ownership I would like to introduce the Aaroe Concierge app. 

This is an app which offers you a master list of vetted and reputable home service specialists that our agents have personal experience with. In the app you can find, interior designers, locksmiths, cleaning services, gardeners, movers, and even things like website design and real estate attorneys. The app is simple to use. Just download it, scroll to the category you are looking for, find a provider and call directly from the app! You can also view their website, send them an email or send the contact to one of your friends. With one click you can save the contact to your phone contacts if you like. For some services there is also a link to their reviews on Yelp. Go ahead, try it out and let me know what you think. Your feedback is appreciated!