7 ways to prepare for that big wet baby: El Niño

The National Weather Service has stated that there is a greater-than-90 percent chance that El Niño will arrive in full force during the 2015-16 winter. Side note: The California graduation rate average is 80%. So, there is a greater chance that El Niño will come our way than your kid is likely to graduate high school. By average of course, I am sure your kid is a genius.

The biggest threat is a mudslide and this is a very real threat for Los Angeles which has many areas with varied elevation. The National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center is warning that this year’s El Niño could be as costly and devastating as the one that drenched California in 1997-98. Back then, devastating storms caused $550 million dollars in damages.

Here are some things you can do to prepare your home


1) Do a property check

Clear out drains, rain gutters and downspouts of debris; better yet, hire the neighbor kid to clear them out for you. Clearing this out will save the rest of your home from rot and damage. 

2) Check your roof

If you want to do it right, hire a roof inspector to make sure your home can weather the storm. If you want to inspect yourself, look for loose tiles or shingles. Are the valleys where the roof angles meet clear of leaves and debris?

3) Use the rain to your advantage

You can take advantage of El Niño by collecting rain in barrels or a sump feeder system. That’s when a buried 55-gallon drum collects water from drainage systems and distributes the water through connected perforated flexible drain or EZ Flow pipes. You can then regulate the water that is on your property very effectively and use the rain instead of wasting it down the drain. Now you are drought tolerant and flood tolerant. 2 big gold stars for you.

4) Get flood insurance

If you already have it, check your policy to make sure you have enough coverage

5) Save your valuables

Make copies of all your important documents and make sure the originals are stored safely somewhere outside of your home (like a safe deposit box)

6) Document your possessions 

Take photos of your possessions (furniture, collectibles, electronics) and store the pictures along with your important documents outside of your home. This way you have definite proof for recovery insurance.

7) Prepare emergency provisions

Buy 20 cartons of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and as many In-N-Out double doubles that will fit in your freezer. No, I am just kidding. Since electric power may be affected, store up plenty of flashlight batteries and if you are on a well or booster pump, store several gallons of bottled water. Also store some "long life" non- refrigerated provisions. This is for the worst case scenario of course but that is what being prepared is all about.

Once you are prepared you can relax and enjoy the weather! 

If you have any other tips please leave a message below.

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