Rose Tarlow: Raising the bar for California Interior Design

Los Angeles is a melting pot of many eclectic styles from around the world. It takes a masterful eye to bring those styles together to make something elegant and iconic. Rose Tarlow is a Los Angeles native son, strike that, daughter who got her professional start on the mean streets of Melrose and now makes the Architectural Digest 100 list and designs for stars like Oprah, David Geffen and Barbara Walters.

er shop on Melrose started in 1976, became known as the place to go for one of a kind antiques hand picked from her many trips around the world. Tarlow favors pieces with age and texture. Her rooms have a few impactful pieces with a neutral and spare style.

er design philosophy grew out of her experience, “striving to find one piece in each shipment that would give character to the whole collection —one piece with such singular style that it could inspire a room. When she began designing her own furniture a few years later, she sought to create a collection where every piece was that special piece.”



Check out her Melrose House Collection for inspiration.