4 Fresh Places To Experience In Los Angeles

It's the beginning of the new year and while you have been kicking back drinking champagne and eggnog new and creative places for you to eat and shop have popped up around town. All of the following are brand new ventures with creative people driving them. They are excited to share their talents for a new and wonderful experience to kick-off 2016.


This is your next fine dinner spot. Created by Chef Timothy Hollinsgworth the restaurant has a rustic feel inspired by the 100 year-old olive trees living next door at the Broad Museum. They feature an open kitchen that merges the indoor and the outdoor space creating a sense of community with the other diners as well as the chefs. The menu is versatile, wood fired and local. Vegetables are grown on the roof of the restaurant, it doesn't get more local than that. Great taste seeps into every nook and cranny of this place. http://otiumla.com/

Cake Monkey Bakery

You know how cake is delicious but there is always way too much cake to eat by yourself? Cake Monkey solves this age old dilemma with the 3” cake. Bite size cake = great idea. This place is brand new. They just opened their first brick and mortar location on December 27th 2015. They have lots of great stuff like breakfast pastries, pies and cakewich’s. Does Brown Butter Pecan Pie sound good? Stop in and give them a friendly welcome to the neighborhood. They are on Beverly Blvd. across from the CBS Studio. http://cakemonkey.com/menu

H.D. Buttercup

Do you love interior design? Looking for something new for the home? Check out H.D. Buttercup. They are new to Downtown Los Angeles and only in California. They have a swanky upscale style with a slight 70’s retro vibe. I really like their lighting and chandeliers. They have a sale right now for 20-70% off the entire store. On 7th Street in the Fashion District. http://hdbuttercup.com/

Corey Helford Gallery

CLOUD DEER by Ron English

CLOUD DEER by Ron English

The famed gallery has moved from it’s Culver City locale to it’s new Downtown digs. The gallery is much bigger than it’s predecessor and it fits in perfectly with the burgeoning art scene in downtown. The opening exhibit is NeoNature: We Are the New They by Ron English. A vibrant, whimsical start for the new gallery. The great artists of our time walk through this gallery and hang from these walls. http://www.coreyhelfordgallery.com/