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"Jill Galloway represented me in the sale of my home in Larchmont Village last year. She is the consummate professional. Jill is knowledgable, skilled and efficient, but more importantly she is a pleasure to work with. She has the ability to communicate complicated information in clear way, she puts people at ease with her smooth Southern manner; Jill Galloway is unflappable! In a field where tension and deadlines abound, Jill keeps her cool and gets the job done. As an individual, I have found her to be honest and straightforward in her approach. She guided us through the sale of our house with a lovely understanding of the emotional aspects of this procedure. I would recommend Jill Galloway without reservation to any potential buyer or seller. She's quite simply the best."



-M. Feldman

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"We have been a client of Jill for 15 years . Jill has guided us through all 9 of our home sales and purchases. It is without hesitation that my wife and I recommend Jill Galloway."



-J. Nelllor

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"Jill is like a star tennis player in the world of real estate—she moves about the court with extreme grace, finesse and power, effortlessly returning serves and shots, and never once losing composure. She makes the buying process incredibly easy and even fun! When I bought my house at the end of 2007, the market was still hot. There were multiple bidders on the house I wanted and the actions of the selling agent further complicated the process. But through it all, Jill was a total pro. She matched the agent in strength yet won him over with her charm. It was a joy to work with Jill simply because you can tell she loves her job and her clients—and is very, very good at it at what she does.Whenever someone is looking to either buy or sell a home, I refer them to Jill without hesitation."



-D. Powell

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"Jill Galloway is a

genuinely nice person and, in our case, went out of her way to help a stranger in need- she actually helped us jumpstart our car, which is how we met!

She is straightforward, matter-of-fact, and explains complicated information in an easy and understandable manner. Jill is every good adjective you can think of: professional, polished, detailed, organized, knowledgeable and aggressive enough yet extremely likeable and funny at the same time. We were completely satisfied with the transaction and her service.  Jill jokes that she likes to “under-promise but over-deliver” and she certainly did that with us."



-Mike & Julie Ferenci

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"Jill Galloway is a consummate professional.  Nearly ten years ago, she got me into my first home with astonishing grace, skill and friendly perseverance.  When the time came for me to sell, she got me out of it in even more impressive fashion. When the time came to sell the house, there was no question who my agent would be.  Jill went into breezy commando mode and set the stage for a perfect sale.  She orchestrated everything -- the staging of the house, the advertising, the schmoozing, etc. -- so masterfully that we had multiple offers within 36 hours of the open house.  After a brief, thrilling bidding war, we went into escrow on an offer that was six figures higher than the asking price.  Once again, she had to deal with a prickly buyer -- thankfully not me this time -- and once again she lassoed the herd with the skill of a seasoned roper. Jill's amazing at what she does.  She understands that her job requires equal parts business savvy, organizational skills, taste, empathy and hand-holding.  She's tirelessly good at all these things, and I'd recommend her to anyone looking to get in and/or out of a home."



-C. Dekay