Top 5 Christmas Destinations in Los Angeles

1) Ice Skating at Pershing Square

Ice skating is a great place to bring the family or go on a fun date. It's also quite novel to go ice skating in Los Angeles. Its just such a luxury to be able to go ice skating in a light sweater and still be comfortably warm. Pershing Square is in the center of Downtown which is a great place to see Christmas decorations and go gift shopping.

2) Pitchoun Bakery

This French bakery is to die for and it's right across the street from Pershing Square. They always do specialty desserts for the holidays, some traditionally French and some just fun concoctions like these Holiday Eclairs. Everything is delicious. If you get lunch get the Southwest Baguette with duck prosciutto. Also, buy a baguette and take it home. They are the best in town and you can even freeze the baguette, then take it out in a couple of days put in on the counter and once it thaws it still tastes delicious. They keep saying they are not but I am pretty convinced they are witches.

3) Wild for Lights: Los Angeles Zoo

At night time the zoo turns into a winter jungle wonderland. You can pet real reindeer! There are laser light shows, dancing snowflakes and Santa himself (but only on the weekends...he's very busy). I think this is extra cool because you get to see all of the nocturnal animals out and about that are usually asleep during the day.

4) The Tallest Christmas Tree in Town

There is something about seeing a giant Christmas tree that makes the holiday for me. I think it has something to do with authenticity and a feeling of community. Like we are the little Who's down in Whoville who came together to make Christmas happen. Anyway, the tree is at The Grove in Hollywood and it's 100 feet tall. There is all kinds of great Holiday themed happening there like the water show set to Christmas music, tree lighting ceremony and visiting Santa in his Christmas gingerbread house.

5) Las Posadas on Olvera Street


There is no place more historically Los Angeles than Olvera Street so if you want authentic Los Angeles Christmas then here is the place and it's always dripping with culture...and great food. Las Posadas is a fun street event where kids march into stores (Posadas) dressed as shepherds, angels and other Christmasy biblical characters and ask to be admitted via song then they are denied entry by the owner via song in a back and forth until they are finally allowed in and given champurrado (a hot beverage) and pan dulce (sweet bread). It's very fun to watch or you can join them. They sing and dance and hit piñatas. All are very welcome here.