The Greatest Gift of All

Can’t quite think of the right gift for that very special loved one? Is there someone that you appreciate so much that no thing could possibly represent it? Well, then consider buying them a house!

Brad Pitt once said 'While acting is my career, architecture is my passion.’ In 2006 Brad and Angelina went on a date to visit Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece Falling Water in Pennsylvania and Brad fell hard for it. He said it changed his life. So eventually Angelina bought Brad his own waterfall and land enough for him to build his own version of Falling Water in California.

Then for Brad’s 50th birthday she bought him a heart shaped island 50 miles off the coast of New York. The island has two Frank Lloyd Wright homes on it.

There is a cottage built in 1950, nine years before Wright’s death. The main house was built in 2008 from one of Wright’s most spectacular plans.


Taylor Swift is known for being generous to her staff and fans alike. But she is most generous to her family. Four months after buying a$1.4million new home for her parents Taylor Swift gifted them another $2.5million new mansion in Nashville. All at the age of 21.

The vast estate spans nearly six acres of beautifully landscaped hillside. 

Have you ever seen the look on someone’s face when they are gifted a house?!

It looks like this.

This Rihanna’s Mom when she found out that her daughter had bought her a mansion in Barbados where they are from. Rihanna told her Mom that Oprah wanted to do a segment on Rihanna and her family and where they grew up. Little did she know that she would be getting the keys to her new home. 

Whatever you get for your loved ones this Christmas, aim to make them the happiest that you possibly can. After all, that is what the holiday is for right? And if you want to get that special someone a new house then call me. I know just the right one and I will put a giant bow on it for you.