Welcome to Frogtown

Damon Robinson www.nomadlosangeles.com

Frogtown may sound like a village in a muppet movie but is actually a refreshing neighborhood just east of Silverlake. The best way to describe Frogtown is a rare place in Los Angeles where a sense of community still exists and peace and quiet can be found.

frogtown welcome.jpg

The town got it’s name because it sits along the Los Angeles river. Back when the river actually had a grassy bank and fish; it also had frogs, lots of frogs. a 3.2 million dollar revitalization effort is years into the work of transforming the river back to it’s once vibrant state. Now the Glendale Narrows is a great spot to go fishing, kayaking and bird watching, you may even see a deer, egret or a beaver.

Frogtown’s official name is Elysian Valley. You won’t find fancy coffee shops, bars or grocery stores. What you will find is ice-cream vendors selling nachos, yard sales and a healthy neighborhood watch. The residents like it this way.

Frogtown is a great buy if you are in the market for a home. Not only because of the reasons above but because of the value and projected value. As the L.A. River becomes more and more walk able and beautiful the property value will rise. New businesses are attracted to the area and the environment is ripe for Real Estate appreciation. 

If you are starting your home search I recommend touring the neighborhood. Get a bite to eat at the Frog Spot a cafe on the riverfront, go visit the Nomad Art Compound for a one of a kind experience, I can’t really describe it properly but you can go swimming, see live music, buy books, even rent a bedroom, then go kayaking or walk along the river.



If you do decide to move to Frogtown, get to know the neighbors. A lot of them have been living there since the ‘60s or grew up there with their parents and really care about the neighborhood. It is an insular community and it is important to respect the culture that makes the area unique and add to it in your own way.

If you are interested in opportunities to purchase property in Frogtown, contact me directly. Now that the secrets out about this unique spot there are becoming more opprotunities to live the Frogtown life.